Technology Rant

For those of you who have known me for a while you already know that I’m a big fan of the Apple ecosystem. For years their products have “just worked.” These days I’m not so sure. My recent upgrade to MacOS High Sierra has been one of the most frustrating upgrades ever. Applications consistently freeze or just don’t work for no apparent reason. Parallels charged for an upgrade that supports MacOS HS but even that application has known issues, one of them being a screen flicker when swiping between apps.

Oh and there’s the permissions issue. For some unknown reason my iMac tells me I don’t have the permission to open a PowerPoint that I was working on 10 minutes ago. I try on my MacBook Pro and it opens. I try again on my iMac and it opens. Weird. Except not I don’t have permissions on my MacBook Pro.

Now I know that it was iffy moving to High Sierra since Apple completely changed the file system. But still, I think most would expect that a major update like that be as smooth as possible. If apps don’t work on the new platform they shouldn’t be allowed to run until they are compliant or verified.

Overall I’m very unhappy with this iteration of MacOS. iOS isn’t much more of a joy yet either, but its got fewer bugs the the MacOS does from what I’ve personally experience.

Ugh. I just need to work, and I need my technology to just work!

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  1. Ethan Banks Reply

    No showstoppers yet after doing the same upgrades, but have discovered I can’t do a screen cap from my iPadPro on my iMac via either QuickTime or ScreenFlow. That’s a feature I was planning to use for an upcoming webinar to use my iPad as a whiteboard. Seems to be a known issue. Sigh.

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