Disclaimer: While I work at AWS as a Developer Advocate, the thoughts, ideas, and opinions I share directly on my blog and social channels are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect that of my employer.

Brandon Carroll – 2022

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for the interest.  

What I’m interested in

To tell you a bit about myself, I am a Husband to my wonderful wife, a Dad (hopefully a good one)  to my awesome kids, and a lover of technology and how it enables us to achieve what was only dreamed of in years past.  I have been in the networking industry since the late 90’s specializing in network security and instructional design. I’ve always had the desire to share what I learn with others and in 2008 I started my first blog.  It sure changed a lot over the years.   So, I use my experience in the industry to share my views and opinions, tips and tricks, with the networking community. I love helping new ones learn about complex technologies, breaking it down into simple terms.  I am passionate about technology and sharing what I know with the networking community.

What I’m not interested in

While I am happy to have anyone reach out directly, I am not interested in headhunters, recruiters, and such. If I am ever interested in that the LinkedIN community will know.

I’m also not interested in discussing politics. The purpose of my Internet presence is to discuss technology.

I’m also not interested in discussing religion in an internet setting. I have no problem discussing my views in a personal, one-on-one setting, but a technology blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter are not the forums to do that.