New Series of Information Sharing”

TLDR; I’m starting a new content creation workflow that starts with a blog post here, works out the practical configuraiton on my Twitch Channel, and then stores the video on my Youtube channel. All posts are about Cloud Infrastrucuture Secuity. I work for AWS but use a lot of stuff day-to-day that I may share more about.

If you know me and my background, then the TLDR was probably enought to know if you want to skip to the next article and start folowing my content on Twitch and YouTube. If you dont know me, let me tell you about myself, my background, and how this new content series works.

About Me

First off, I am Brandon Carroll, a Cisco CCIE (#23837) in security and I work at AWS. I got my CCIE in 2009. I just recertified it in March. Although I could have gone Emeritus, I chose not to. From 2001 to 2018 I was a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) and I created training content, blog posts, podcasts and training videos on Pluralsight (A few videos are still there). I also wrote a few books for Cisco Press. I have an infrastructure security background and I have adopted cloud. It wasn’t easy. I had to learn to map the thigns I knew from on-prem networking and security, to cloud. Along the way a LOT of people have helped me in my career. They’ve shared their thoughts about the things I was working on, encouraged me to expand what I knew about networking and security, and gave me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Now, I try to do the same for others, regardless of your background. If you’re interested in networking and security, that’s what matters to me.

About My Content WorkFlow

The way this article, and the ones I publish after this will go is that I’ll walk you thought a few high level points. Then I’ll do it myself, often times learning as I go, live, on my Twitch Stream. I do these on Wednesday at 10AM Pacific. Long term I’ll keep the videos on my YouTube Channel. I’ll also be posting quick bits related to the topic of the week on [my Twitter], my LinkedIn, and my TikTok. If I get busy with an event, like an AWS Summit or some other conference, I’ll let everyone know.

A Little Fun

To mix it up and have a little fun, I’ll be having AI rewrite my articles in a specific tone. Each article will be different. See if you can guess the tone!


If you or someone you know can benefit from my content, please subscribe to my channels or share it with those wo can benefit. I appreciate you!

And now, onward to the real content!

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