Getting Back To Good

Sometimes I have a hard time accepting the way things are. And at times I speak up about how I feel. All that does is foster negativity and fuel a fire that’s been burning for way too long. We are all going to deal with injustice and get the short end of the stick at times. Interestingly enough, I teach my kids that this is just part of life in the world we live in. So if I expect my kids to hunker down and deal with it and to look for the best in their situation, I need to do the same.

I think as an overall policy it’s best for me to use any platform I have to highlight the good in things. For example, I had an opportunity to go through my list of podcasts the other day. A new one to me is the “Full Stack Journey.” Some of the content discussed hit close to home for me. For example, in episode 20, Scott Lowe talks with Jason Edelman and his transition from traditional networking to automation. I know Jason from attending a Tech Field Day together. It’s fantastic to hear his story and inspires me to keep pushing through all the new stuff I’ve been wrapping my head around.

What’s my point in all this? Well, I guess it’s a reminder to remember that sometimes, good things come as the result of situations that might otherwise seem to be wrong. Yes, I had a flight canceled and felt like the airline representatives didn’t care about my situation. I took to social media to vent, which did nothing but stir people up. It didn’t add value to the community. It didn’t highlight any of the good that came from my situation. And I didn’t take the time to think through what others around me, including the agents and employees of the airline, we’re going through. So by my own accord, I’m using this post as a reminder. What I share should add value rather than lend itself to all the negativity that’s already out there.

Nobody asked me to say this. The realization came to me as I’ve sat and pondered over my weekend. So if I go into a rant again, feel free to share my link with me as a reminder. And moving forward I’ll try my best to share things of value rather than taking up space in your feed with something that’s ultimately inconsequential.

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