Securing the Cloud #29

Welcome to the 29th edition of the Securing the Cloud Newsletter! In this issue, we dive into the latest trends and insights in cloud security, explore career development opportunities, and share valuable learning resources. Additionally, we feature insightful perspectives from our community members.

Technical Topic

  • Building a modern application development mindset | AWS Training and Certification Blog – In today’s digital landscape, modern applications need to meet demanding requirements – handling millions of users, managing massive data volumes, and delivering lightning-fast responses. This article outlines how modern application development practices can help businesses rapidly innovate and create robust, secure, and scalable applications that delight customers.

Career Corner

  • How to Become a DevSecOps Engineer-DevSecOps Career Path – As the demand for skilled DevSecOps engineers skyrockets, this comprehensive guide unveils the exciting career path that awaits those who embrace this innovative field. Delve into the essential skills, tools, and technologies that define a successful DevSecOps engineer, and discover how you can equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise to excel in this rapidly evolving domain. From understanding the roles and responsibilities of a DevSecOps engineer to mastering the art of continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous monitoring, this article provides a roadmap to navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Learning and Education

  • Episode 3: Building Secure Code | AWS Public Sector Blog – This post provides a comprehensive overview of common application security vulnerabilities and best practices for building, testing, and deploying code securely. It highlights the importance of addressing security concerns throughout the entire application lifecycle, not just during the architecture phase.

Community Voice

  1. S3 fixes billing for unauthorised APIs 🚀☁️ #55 – This comes from AWS Serverless Hero, JONES ZACHARIAH NOEL N. and this issue of Serverless Infrastructure and API provides an insightful look into the latest updates and developments in the world of serverless computing on AWS. Of note, it covers the recent S3 billing issue for unauthorized APIs and how AWS swiftly addressed it within 15 days, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re not subscribed already I recommend you have a look!
  2. June LVAWSUG Meeting/Party – Will you be attending AWS Re:Inforce this year? If so, spend some extra time with the AWS Community in Philly!
  3. Getting Your Hands Dirty With RAG: Production Experience With LLM Enhancement – If you’re getting into Generative AI and RAG this could prove to be a really good session. It was shared by AWS Hero, Luc van Donkersgoed.
  4. AI: Authoritative AWS – AWS Machine Learning Hero, Noah Gift, shared this edX course that covers SIX certifications at the same time in one mega course. I’m definitely checking it out.
  5. The Legend of AWS Warrior: A Free Opensource 3D RPG Adventure Game with Generative AI for learning AWS – AWS ML Hero, Cyrus Wong, shares an innovative approach to learning AWS through 3D RPG gaming at Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology (HKIIT).


As we wrap up this edition of the Securing the Cloud Newsletter, I hope you found the insights, resources, and community highlights both informative and inspiring. Whether you’re into modern application development, exploring a career in DevSecOps, or enhancing your skills in building secure code, remember that continuous learning and community engagement are key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of cloud security.

Keep pushing your boundaries, stay curious, and never hesitate to reach out and share your own experiences and questions with our community. Your journey in cloud and cloud security is as much about collaboration and shared growth as it is about individual progress. Until next time, stay secure and keep experimenting.

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