Securing the Cloud #25

Welcome to the 25th edition of the Securing the Cloud Newsletter! In this issue, we dive into the latest trends and insights in cloud security, explore career development opportunities, and share valuable learning resources. Additionally, we feature insightful perspectives from our community members.

Technical Topic

  • Infrastructure protection on AWS for Beginners – In this article I elaborate on the importance of infrastructure protection on AWS and outlines key services such as AWS Network Firewalls. I provide step-by-step instructions for deploying and using firewalls using the AWS CLI. Additionally, I discuss the role of Generative AI in enhancing security by detecting anomalies and potential threats. This innovative approach can automate threat detection and response processes efficiently. Explore the full article for insights on leveraging infrastructure protection services and cutting-edge technologies to secure your AWS environment effectively. Discover how Generative AI can revolutionize threat detection and response, enhancing decision-making processes in the face of evolving security threats.

Career Corner

  • Navigating Your IT Career Path: Insights for Beginners – Embarking on an IT career can be overwhelming with various skills and technologies to choose from. This is something I wrote up this week and I think that understanding market demand is crucial, as different regions seek different skills. The article highlights the top tech skills for 2024 – Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Analyzing job listings and networking can provide valuable insights and opportunities. Remember, it’s essential to focus on relevant skills, tailor applications, and understand team dynamics to succeed. The IT industry is dynamic, and strategic planning can lead to a successful and fulfilling career. Dive into the full article to learn more about navigating the complexities of the IT job market.

Learning and Education

Community Voice

  1. Learn about AWS Bedrock and GenAI | Harshit Dawar posted on the topic | LinkedIn – The article highlights various aspects of Generative AI, particularly focusing on the transformative potential it holds. It mentions blogs, courses, and workshops related to GenAI on AWS, emphasizing the importance of integrating AI in business strategies. The article discusses AWS Bedrock, ML capabilities, AWS Glue features, revenue boosts from GenAI demand, and the democratization of AI for small and medium businesses. Discover more about the advancements and significance of Generative AI on AWS by exploring the full article on LinkedIn.
  2. How to Build Your Own ChatGPT Clone Using Clerk & AWS Bedrock | Coner Murphy – Learn how to build a ChatGPT-inspired application called Chatrock using technologies like Next.js, AWS Bedrock, DynamoDB, and Clerk. This guide walks you through step-by-step instructions to set up the tech stack and create various components to build your own AI chat application. From setting up AWS services to implementing authentication with Clerk, this tutorial covers all aspects of building Chatrock. This share is just something I thought was a lot of fun! For full access to the guide and code snippets, refer to the complete article.
  3. Journey for writing my second book about cloud security | by Eyal Estrin ☁️ | Mar, 2024 | AWS in Plain English – Eyal Estrin, a cloud security architect and AWS Community Builder, shares his experience of writing his second book, “Security for Cloud Native Applications,” focusing on the complexities and challenges involved. He discusses the research, writing process, dealing with technical reviewers, and ensuring content accuracy despite evolving technology. If you are interested in cloud security and cloud-native applications, the article offers valuable insights into the book writing journey. Read the full article to explore Eyal’s detailed process and dedication in creating a practical and informative book on cloud security.
  4. GitHub – primeharbor/pht-account-configurator: Configure a new AWS Account with security best practices – The repo talks about the importance of configuring a new AWS account with security best practices, particularly when using AWS Organizations. It highlights the risks associated with not enabling AWS recommended best practices and offers a StepFunction solution to configure accounts based on preferences. I heard about this from Chris Farris, AWS Security Hero.
  5. AWS LEGO: Organizing the Org – This article delves into the importance of organizing account hierarchies in AWS to enforce security and operational rules effectively. The use of Service Control Policies (SCPs) and separate accounts for distinct functions or teams are highlighted as crucial elements. Rich Mogull outlines an approach to structuring accounts into Organizational Units (OUs) and provides guidance on when to create certain accounts based on security contexts and team management. The piece wraps up with practical steps to set up OUs and AWS accounts, aiming to establish a solid foundation for managing security and operational procedures in AWS. For detailed insights on account organization, Security Reference Architecture, and more, check out the full article.


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