Invited to Networking Field Day 7!

What a privelege it is to be invited to Networking Field Day 7! I'm looking forward to visiting a fantastic group of networking vendors and also spending time with the stellar lineup of delegates!

Read more about the Tech Field Days and get involved as a delegate or a sponsor! A lot of good has come from the field days. You could be a part of that too.

I'll be posting more about the field day as it gets closer and while I'm there. Stay tuned!

Random iOS reboot woes

It's really frustrating to have a product that you've relied on for such a long time and now it is as unreliable as it gets. Apple doesn't seem to claim it's an issue, but can it just be a coincidence that all these people are having the same issue I see multiple times a day. This happens on my iPhone 5S as well as iPad


There's been some dust building up around here lately. Main reason for this is my focus on Global Config Technology Solutions, Inc. What was once my CCIE study blog has now become my training company. It's exciting because I've been in the training business for many years now and I now have an opportunity to deliver training with my personal spin on things. So, while I'm still building I'm also available for live, onsite and online training. If you are in need of Cisco Training, please get in contact with me.

How to get in touch.

You can get in touch with us at 800-791-4410 or by email at, or just email me directly.