Using the iPad vSphere Client- Not A Full Feature Client.

Using the vSphere client on the iPad has been pretty fun to mess with. In my lab network I have a number of I7 servers that have ESXi on them and a hand full of VM's. In total I have 10 ESXi machines and jumping between them has been a total pain. So, I grabbed the trial of vCenter and installed it on another box. Additionaly another VM, called a vCMA server,  is required to connect the iPad app to the vCenter server. Once that was done I was in business. I thought this would make it made it a lot easier to manage the 10 ESXi machines in my lab without the need to be on a windows machine with the full vSphere client application.  I still can't believe there is no Mac OSx-based vSphere client.



As you can see from the screenshot in the previous section, I can now log into vCenter using the vSphere client for iPad and see all if my servers in one place. If I were to access one of my servers, you would see all the VM's on that server as in the image below.


I the above image you can see the IP of the server, memory, CPU utilization, and so on. Selecting the tools option on the bottom you get a menu for testing with ping and traceroute. Aside from that the tools are not very useful, other than the fact that you can verify connectivity from your current location, rather than from your vCenter server. As for manipulation of the VM themselves there is a small menu that gives a few options such as suspending and so forth.


My Take

Over all the tools are very basic, and I'm not convinced that this is anything more than a pretty window that you can shout through to get a few minor tasks done. I may be wrong, but with what I can see that's about it. There's more usability with iTap RDP accessing a box at work with the full blown vSphere client on it. Still, it looks sexy right?